• Saturday 19, august 2017 Tontestraat, Sint-Denijs/Zwevegem, België


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When house-loving friends get together to craft parties, magical things can happen. We spend most of our time making sure that you get a great experience. How else can you make great parties?

Not afraid to make a swing into new styles, Safe-House developped a passion for the deep kicks, fat basslines and stabby vocal hooks of tech-house.

Highlighting the most exciting locations in local cities, exploring our own musical bounderies doing so. What to expect, how to respond, we've covered everything so you'll not be surprised at our next party.


‘Tontestraat Sint-Denijs/Zwevegem'

This local pub provides casual and fun bar visits. Not only do they have a cosy pub, they also have a flowery & picturesque terrace - perfect for an open-air like this!

Benefits for:

Jongerenzorg 'Ten Dries'

They want to contribute to a warm, solidair and democratic society in which there is room for every citizen, regardless of age, gender, ideological / philosophical / religious beliefs, race, orientation or state of affairs. They want people to be happy and feel socially appreciated.
Safe-House has made a pledge to donate a big part of our profits to charity!


Awesome party

  • 1 Person Entrance
  • 9 Hours of party
  • No transaction costs
  • Free toilet use

€ 8,00



Seba Lecompte




Seba Lecompte started collecting vinyl in the early nineties. One of Belgium’s finest and hardest working DJs, he is the guy behind the legendary Bang The Box parties at Decadance in Ghent and also plays regularly across Europe. His first release came out in 2004 and up until today, he has slowly made a name for himself with releases on Riot Recordings, Reload Black, Recode Musik, Girafe Sauvage, Krannit Recordings, Polar Noise, Balance 432, What Happens and many more!


Lady Shron




Passion for house- techhouse- jackin'house- techno. Started mixing with vinyl at the age of 15. While studying midwifery and nursery, I lost a bit time but not the love for music.When i finally finished school, started my own company, after 4-5 years, I returned back in the studio...

This is what I do ... Combining new life in the job with new energy in music. Enjoy!




Cirque Magique


You could find him behind the booth in some of Belgium’s most trendsetting clubs like Café d’Anvers, Søndag, Decadance and At The Villa. But the absolute highlight of his career was undoubtedly his dj-set at the main stage of the festival, chosen as Best Breakthrough Festival in Belgium according to Red Bull Elektropedia: Cirque Magique.


George Thomas


Raw, Kortryk


This artist has been influenced at a very young age by his grandfather "George", a real music fanatic. Surround by music at young age it was just a matter of time until he bought his first dj equipment and started started playing in the local bars and events. Influenced by artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, Hot Since 82, Patrick Topping, &ME and many more, he started to create his own beats instead of deejaying all the time. With over 10 years off experience as a dj in bars, home-parties, clubs and outdoor events you don’t have to doubt this dj knows how to make the crowd move.




The Dansant, Medusa



IIias started to dj to share his love for music with his friends, this all started at local bars & events.
After visiting the party island Ibiza, he was blown away by the crazy atmosphere and amazing music.
Recently they chose to follow different paths and today Ilias brings an energetic vibe under the name '!Lias'. He describes his own style as whipping, flipping Tech house with an overload of energy and southern influences.
This last year !Lias played at the best clubs like Café dAnvers, La Rocca & H2o and spinning at events like 'Feestgedruis' & 'Thé dansant'.
!Lias ensures that every soul will shake their asses on his vibes.